National Realty Free Training.Brokers Provide Great Training.

Keith and Paul Hartke have the experience and share their knowledge to help agents become successful. They really do care about your success.


Live and OnlineViedotaped Training for Home Viewing.

Agents can view all kinds of topics at home on our private intranet. All our training sessions are videotaped.

Companyh Support Staff

Practical and SpecificNOT Generic Corporate Textbook Stuff

We provide training subjects geared to specific things you need to know to get going in the business.

Paul and Keith Hartke

Great Sales MeetingsBreakfast and Lunch and Learn

Our sales meetings are filled with information... and breakfast. We also provide a hot lunch at Lunch and Learn Sessions.

Agent Meetings

Interactive TrainingAgents Help with Tips.

Our team atmosphere is exemplified by the agents who share their knowledge of what works in the business.

Conference Room

Great OfficeEasy access and a beautiful Board Room.

We usually hold meetings in our Board Room with wide-screen HDTV for presentations and an open view of the trees outside. Nice!