New Agents

People who have recently passed the Virginia PSI license exam have many choices in pursuing their new career, whether full-time or part-time.  But an entry-level position does not mean it will take years to do well in the business.  There are many factors to consider when you first get your license.  Choosing a broker is a critical factor since all new agents must sign up with and work under the supervision of a broker.  To make that decision, one should determine if the broker or brokerage company provides adequate support.  You need to know that you have someone to guide you and be available for advice, especially before  and during your first months and to help you to get and conclude your first few transactions.  You will want to have trainng that is either in-person and/or online in order to learn how to get business, how to search the MLS, how to fill out contract forms and handling client relations. 

The location of your brokerage is not as important as in the past since much of your support and training can be handled online or by email and telephone. In fact it can be advantageous to work in a separate area from your job since clients prefer that you either work or live somewhat near where they need to bus, sell or rent a home.

You should also consider the commission splitl.  This is how much you will earn on each transaction compared to the broker’s portion.  This is highly variable with each brokerage.  Consider also any associated on-going costs, such as monthly fees and any fees associated with training including franchise fees that may reduce your commissions.

Finally there is the comfort factor.  You should find the company or broker that you feel comfortable working with.  This is mostly an intangible determination where you will decide “Do I like the owners or  managers, the office atmosphere and the overall feel of the company ?”  This is too subjective to explain except  to say that you should feel right about making your decision.

National Realty is an indepdent family owned brokerage.  Based in Reston, the nearly 150 agents live in almost every area of Northern Virginia.  The owners, Keith and Paul Hartke, have over 30 years experience in the business.  They specialize in helping new agents.  Paul is also a licensed state instructor who runs a real estate school.  Keith has been a broker for 35+ years and helps walk agents throught their first deals with advice on obtaining business and negoatiating transactions.

The company is centrally located in Reston just a block from the Dulles Toll Road between Tysons Corner and Dulles Airport.  Their training is both at the office, but many agents enjoy the video training of meetings by the brokers and top agents, so that they can watch and learn from home.  The brokers Keith and Paul are available 24/7 which is one of the reasons the agents are so enthusiatic about the company. Unlike other companies, they also do many annual free events for their agents, families and clients.  This includes a huge “Beach Party” on the lake in Reston, a Fall Family Picnic also at their lakefront homes, a Tube Trip on the Shenandoah River, and a more formal Christmas Holiday party at the lakefront home of Keith.  These events keep the family atmosphere of the company so all feel like a family to combine work with family and home life.  As Keith and Paul say, “We try to make real estate both profitable and enjoyable.”

You may use the contact form for more information, apply online or call directly to Keith at 703-932-6501.  Thank you for visiting Natoinal Realty.